Trustee Board

The board is responsible for governance: taking a high-level overview of the charity and its place in the community, and using that to make long-term decisions about strategic direction and values, and to safeguard the good name and ethos of the CAB service. As the governing body, it has overall responsibility for the management of the organistation.

The board delegates the operational management of the office to the CEO- making sure it runs smoothly and effectively - and delivers the service agreed with the board. This essentially means that the board gives the CEO duties and powers to represent them, and to manage the organisation on their behalf.

The board and the CEO will work together on strategic management - taking decisions on how best to implement the values and strategic direction of the bureau.

Our Trustee Board is made up of a number professional people across our four Districts. The Board meets quarterly, with sub meetings inbetween to cover HR, Finance and Health and Safety.

Meet our Trustees (click here for Trustee profiles)