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A day in the life of a Citizens' Adviser...

13th September 2016

Citizens Advice: A day in the life of Volunteer Adviser, Donna Loosemore

Want to do something worthwhile with your extra time? Fancy volunteering for something but I’m not sure what interests you? Or maybe you’re struggling to find something flexible to work around your kids and other responsibilities?

These were all questions Donna shared when she first stumbled across Citizens Advice two and a half years ago. Now, as a fully trained generalist adviser, she provides advice and information to the public who present themselves with various issues at the Charity’s Tiverton office. These can include enquiries around employment, benefits, housing, debt and many other areas of concern.

After staying home to look after her children for 10-15 years, Donna decided she wanted to do something with her time that wasn’t back in retail where she had spent most of her working life. She had previously come for advice with the Charity and decided the training and the advising route would be an interesting one to follow.

After undertaking the thorough and interesting training, Donna was set loose on clients and has been advising ever since. The flexible working has allowed her to drop her children off at school before coming into the office to look over her clients she has scheduled for that day. After familiarising herself with her appointments, Donna is ready to go and uses any free time to see people using the drop in service.

“The best part of volunteering with Citizens Advice is knowing you’re helping those who present themselves in crisis. It’s satisfying to know that you’re able to do something to support them. Plus it’s an incredibly friendly place to work, the sense of camaraderie in the office is great”.

“There’s a great variety of work from one week to the next. One minute you could be dealing with housing and debt and the next be talking to someone with a neighbour dispute.”

The variation in clients ensures no two days are the same as a volunteer at Citizens Advice. If you are interested in developing your skills, supporting those in the community and being part of a friendly and professional team, why not join the next round of volunteer training?

Training begins in October 2016.For more information or for an application pack, please email [email protected] or call 01237 426070

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