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Devon County Council- have your say

5th November 2015

Devon County Council invite you to share your views on three issues. 

1.    Community Survey                               Deadline 7th January 2016

DCC have launched a Community Survey online through at this link      
The survey will provide DCC with an insight to community needs, capacity and resilience, and people's views on budget priorities for the county council.

2.   Focus Group

DCC are looking for people test the usability of the draft on-line My Assessment form.  They are seeking a mixture of people who currently use services, for example, home care, day services etc. and people who do not use services. This will help inform accessibility for people new to the processes of seeking care services.  This focus group will involve attendees having access to a computer to complete a Self Checker and My Assessment form at the meeting. DCC Officers will be attending to sit next to them and observe, and see where there were issues with understanding (from help text etc.) the forms and process etc. The event will be approximately two hours long and will take place early Nov 2015, date to be confirmed, at Living Options IT suite in Exeter. 

Refreshments and expenses will be provided

If you are interested in getting involved please contact  Heather Spackman on [email protected]

3.   Consultation on introducing charges and fees for parking for people with disabilities and their carers

To help meet the £50 million budget reduction required by Government spending cuts in the current financial year, Devon County Council are looking to make savings of £73,500 from their parking budget. For the first time they are proposing making charges for the creation of disabled parking bays, access protection markings (a white line painted on the road to show there is a dropped curb for accessing parking), and essential visitor permits.

Devon County Council would like to find out what you think about their proposals to implement fees and charges for these services. Please let them know what the impact of fees and charges might be.

The relevant papers and questionnaire can be found here:                                Deadline 12th Jan 2016

Many thanks for your participation


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